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Doctor Who: BBC America Teasing 13th Doctor Announcement

And now the decision to cast a woman as Doctor Who has led to some speculation on which other roles could be filled by women.

In an interview with BBC of America, Jodie Whittaker shared her excitement on the upcoming series.

Ultimately, it's never too late to prove to the world that time travel and the Doctor are for everyone. As a British chameleon of impeccable talent, the next saga in the Whovian universe is sure to be in the hands of a master of transformation. It was barely a cameo - a quick flash of his eyes, essentially.

The answer to many fans' question has been answered.

This 2011 sci-fi action film featured Whittaker as a nurse whose mugging is thwarted by the arrival of meteorites that contain alien pods.

It ended with the words: "Meet the 13th Doctor after the Wimbledon Men's Final".

Previous "Time Lords" include Tom Baker, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant.

Whittaker now takes up the mantle of a character who has become a fixture in British culture and global science fiction fandom. Like any good Scot's accent, it can convey fierce anger as well as lightness and joviality.

After three years, Peter Capaldi will end his run as the title character on the television series Doctor Who this holiday during the annual Christmas special. It's quite a difference. I am, however, an out and proud fan of Capaldi's shades. We should be asking not "Who is the best Who", but "what is the best part of each?" Cool shades for a cool man. Enough said. The guitar suits Capaldi's incarnation and with the sunglasses it's an...electric combination. All are great characters, each with their own strengths.

It looks like Jodie Whittaker was prepared for the criticism that she might get as the first female Doctor. "We need representation across the board".

"We'll also maybe see a solo male companion as a regular feature for the first time".

Tradition has been shattered. I don't think it's a risky choice at all but if a show that can go anywhere and do anything can't take risks, what can?

Known as "regeneration", it saw Hartnell stagger into his London police box time machine, the Tardis, and collapse; when the shimmering light subsided, actor Patrick Troughton was in his place.

Whittaker's progression on-screen has seen her bring unexpected vibrancy to even smaller roles, such as her performance as Beverly the receptionist in St Trinian's and St. Trinians: The Legend of Fritton's Gold. A spokesman for Jodie Whittaker was unavailable for comment. The exact time depends on when the match ends, but it is expected to be around 1:30 p.m E.T.

The original was played by Dirk Benedict in the 1978 series.

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