President Trump warns 'big trouble in North Korea' if Guam is attacked

Aug 10 2017
    Don't Let Our'Hair-Trig

Aug 10 2017 Don't Let Our'Hair-Trig

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, however, appeared to step back from Trump's rhetoric, describing the prospect of war as "catastrophic" and adding that diplomatic efforts to solve the North Korea nuclear crisis were yielding results.

On Friday, Trump changed the tone of some of his recent bombastic comments and worked to sooth tensions with North Korea.

Japan has deployed the missile interceptors in the past ahead of other North Korean launches but has never actually shot anything down.

During a telephone conversation with Trump, Xi said concerned parties should "avoid remarks and actions that could escalate tension on the Korean Peninsula", according to Xinhua.

He warned that the US will take action against Kim's regime "if he utters one threat, in the form of an overt threat which, by the way, he has been uttering for years, and his family has been uttering for years".

The fact sheets didn't seem to cause any widespread anxiety or affect day-to-day Guam life.

This week, Washington and Pyongyang have several times exchanged sharp statements.

"We have an ANZUS agreement and if there is an attack on Australia or the US then each of us will come to the other's aid", he told 3AW. While the newspaper is not the official voice of China's communist party, it can be considered a "semiofficial" mouthpiece for the Chinese government, experts told the Post, and the contents of the editorial are likely reflect China's true position.

The small Pacific island is a US territory about 2,200 miles (3,500 km) south east of the Korean peninsula.

Called Ulchi-Freedom Guardian, the exercises are expected to run from August 21-31 and involve tens of thousands of American and South Korean troops on the ground and in the sea and air. He appears to be pursuing a carrot-and-stick approach, hoping his sharp language, contrasted with more conciliatory words from his Cabinet, will cow Kim.

Japanese media said Tokyo was deploying its Patriot missile defence system following Pyongyang's threat to fire ballistic missiles over the country towards Guam.

The flier also offers guidance on removing radioactive material: "When possible, take a shower with lots of soap and water to help remove radioactive contamination".

US President Donald Trump on Friday said in a tweet that the military option against North Korea was "locked and loaded".

Hopefully Kim Jong Un will indeed find another path!

Officials in Guam yesterday released official advice on how to cope with a North Korean nuclear strike, but most residents remain relatively relaxed about the threat.

Trump on Friday also retweeted images of U.S. B-1 bombers stationed in Guam.

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